Welcome to the G&C Mutual Bank Verified by Visa cardholder authentication service.

What is Verified by Visa
The Verified by Visa cardholder authentication service offers maximum protection when you use your Visa credit or debit card for online shopping. Through a simple online authentication process you ensure that your card can not be used fraudulently by another person at thousands of participating merchants worldwide.

How it works
The Verified by Visa service protects your card through the Personal Message and the password you have created when you enrolled your card to the service.

Each time you transact online, you must enter your personal password to a special screen in order to digitally sign the receipt of your transaction. The Personal Message which appears in this special screen ensures that you enter your personal password in a secure environment which belongs to G&C Mutual Bank.

Register Card
You can enrol your card in the Verified by Visa service in 3 simple steps. You must define your personal Userid, Password and Personal Message for every card you use for your online shopping. To enrol your card select Enrol Card from the menu above.

Card Management
If you have already enrolled your card to the service, you can display or change your Personal Message and/or your password, as well as display your latest authenticated transactions, by selecting the Card Management tab at the top of the page.
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